Monday, 31 October 2016

Facebook testing Snapchat like filters

Nowadays more and more people have started using the social media platforms which have to constantly add news features to keep it's users engaged. While doing so some may adopt a feature which is the USP (unique selling proposition) of the other platform. Recently Facebook has "borrowed" a lot of ideas from Snapchat , including the concept for Instagram Stories and Facebook Live selfie filters. 

Now Facebook has started testing a new camera that lets you take selfies and videos with filters, effects and masks, which you can then share with friends in your News Feed. If nobody replies within 24 hours, they'll disappear. This is one of the main features of Snapchat  and Facebook now has very similar ones in the heart of its app. While the test is just limited to Ireland, if Zuckerberg & Co. adopt the features widely, it'll mean that Facebook's 1.4 billion monthly users will be able do a lot of the things that used to make Snapchat unique.

Facebook purchased its filter technology from MSQRD back in March 2016, but so far, has only used it in Facebook Live with Rio Olympics and Halloween-themed masks

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