Monday, 15 August 2016

Finding a Sarkari Naukri

Nowadays there is an increasing trend of youngsters preferring for government jobs. After completing their graduate or technical degrees, these youngsters take time off to prepare for the government jobs. The aura of sarkari naukri (i.e. a government job) has existed in India since the days of independence. It used to be a matter of personal and family pride. In those days, the government jobs were less paying. With the advent of pay commissions and the government realizing the need to have a skilled workforce, these sarkari naurki have become good paying.
The greatest advantage of these ‘sarkari naukri’ is the ‘job security’. The government jobs are not affected by a poor economy and there is very little chance that any government employee will ever lose his/her job. In these times of cut-throat competitions and layoff the job security offered by a sarkari naurki is reassuring.

The holidays for the government sector jobs are fixed and cover most of the important festivals and occasions. All government declared holidays are also provided. This enables the individuals to celebrate the festivals with friend and family unlike the private sector where due to some job requirement an individual might be required to work on a festival holiday.
The sarkari naukri also comes with attractive health care, housing and pension facilities.
The government jobs are advertised through major newspapers. The Employment News and Rojgaar Samachar are the newspapers in which most of these advertisements are officially published. Employment news can also be accessed online at However, not all jobs by central and state governments are published in Employment News / Rojgaar Samachar. Some state government publish the advertisements in different newspapers. As such, it becomes difficult for an individual to keep a track of the available vacancies in the government sector.

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